The mission of BULGARIAN ARTISTS ABROAD is to unite Bulgarian artists outside Bulgaria to promote the Bulgarian culture around the world.


· to actively participate in the cultural life of the US and Bulgaria through exhibitions, lectures, workshops, museum visits, and other related events;
· to establish contacts with similar organizations in Bulgaria and around the world;
· to enable its members reach wider audience with their art;
· to look for and provide information about art shows, competitions and galleries to its members;
· to help in the individual work of its members;
· to create and maintain a positive image of the Bulgarian culture abroad;

Center of BULGARIAN ARTISTS ABROAD is Chicago, IL, USA. Branches of the organization could be established anywhere in the world(except Bulgaria) after contacting the center in Chicago, IL.

Executive bodies of The BULGARIAN ARTISTS ABROAD are the General Assembly (called for a meeting once a year) and the Executive Circle, made of four people. The Executive Circle is elected by the general assembly with a majority of 2/3 of the present members for a mandate of five years with a maximum duration of two consecutive mandates.

Member of The BULGARIAN ARTISTS ABROAD could be each person who creates art and is willing to work together with the organization under the established bylaws. Member of The BULGARIAN ARTISTS ABROAD could be also a person, who doesn’t make art, but enjoys it and wants to help others already engaged in the process of creating it.
To become a member of The BULGARIAN ARTISTS ABROAD a person needs to apply through a written request/form, include a photo of themselves and a few images of their artwork(prints or jpgs). The decision of The Executive Circle should be made within 30 days time period. Membership due is $ 40.00 per year.

BULGARIAN ARTISTS ABROAD was founded on April 15th, 2007 in Chicago by several American-Bulgarian artists to promote the Bulgarian art and culture in the world and to educate people about it. The organization aims to unify the efforts of all Bulgarian artists living outside Bulgaria and make the Bulgarian culture more well-known through art shows, public lectures, museum visits, art workshops, art walks, etc.

The members of BULGARIAN ARTISTS ABROAD are predominantly from the U.S. (Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Houston, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Austin, Wichita).
Center of BULGARIAN ARTISTS ABROAD is Chicago, IL, where the biggest Bulgarian community in America lives (it’s estimated between 50,000 and 120,000 people). The group has also representatives in France, Croatia and Austria.

*BULGARIAN ARTISTS ABROAD is organizing usually up to 5 group exhibitions per calendar year. Please, contact us for more details, regarding these activities.




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